Sunday, July 03, 2011

Puzzle Ball, Part 3

Remember when I ended this post with the words "Part 3 to come in a day or two"? Yea, that was on March 6. Oops.

The family that I gave this puzzle ball to moved to Miami yesterday (sad face), so I guess that is motivating me to write the last installment of this project. Once all 12 segments were stuffed and closed, I pinned them together, like so:

I used some pretty marigold embroidery thread to sew each set of four corners together.

Should I tell you how long I stood in the variety store with my swatches of fabric, contemplating what color thread I should use? Maybe not.

My two puzzle balls hung out together for a few days.

And I'm happy to report that little Shivam (now 10 months old) seemed totally enthralled with his new toy when I gave it to him in April (mostly he showed his appreciation by covering it with drool).

This blog would totally be way more popular if there were pictures of infants on it (I don't know about everyone else, but if you have children, and take good pictures of them being cute, I'm probably reading your blog. I'm easy like that.).

Babies, babiesbabies, BABIES! Shazaam, 20 extra followers.

And, okay, there is a really cute photo of Shiv with the puzzle ball, but I'm not putting someone else's baby's face on the internet, sorry. So, just imagine, if you will, the little man crouched near my opened dishwasher, stolen spoon (clean, I swear!) in one hand/mouth (who needs store bought toys when you have cutlery and tupperware), puzzle ball in the other, big brown eyes, curly black hair, and non-stop smiles.

If it helps, here are some tiny baby shoes to keep you happy.

I know right? Adorbs. I cannot believe they won't be back for three whole years.