Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Hundred Sixty-Five

Have you discovered Etsy's blog, The Storque? It's really fabulous. In fact, let's first establish that you know about Etsy to begin with. If you don't, you: A) have been missing out big time, and B) have probably been living under a rock. Okay, that was mean. But seriously, you should go there, and be prepared to ignore your loved ones and all other responsibilities for a good few days as you bask in the glory that is Etsy.

Anyways. The Storque had a great post the other day, pointing readers to the fascinating concept of 365 projects. Wherein, you make something, every day, for a year. Did I really need yet another thing on my plate? I already have a billion ideas about getting creative for this blog. But, this just so happens to be very applicable.

Look here! makesomething365.blogspot.com. There's this guy named Noah Scalin, who started it all. In 2007, he made a skull a day for a year. Watch the blink-and-you'll-miss-it photo collage of all 366 (it was a leap year) skulls he made:

 A daily project. To make something every day, centered around a theme. It could be a photograph. Or, a thank you note. A doodle. The image of a burger.  A flower. A smiley face. The adventures of a gnome. You get the idea.

So, can I do it? Can I come up with something? And do it every day for a year? And share it with you, as part of this blog? It's kind of weird. But maybe it's just weird enough.

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